Monday, 26 October 2015

How To Optimize Your Site For Bing

Bing Opimization


While optimizing a website we should not only optimize it in google but also in bing. Because Microsoft  launched bing search engine and has taken a lot of interest from seo community. Bing is different from other search engines and it has cut a  share of google search. Before doing bing optimization we should sign up a Microsoft account. And we should sign in that account for bing optimization.

Submission of a site in bing


First sign up the account. Then the website should be added and verified. After that the site details, its ownership details and sitemap details should be given. Then add the sitemap to the site info page. After completing it, click the save button. Then a redirection to the dashboard of bing webmaster tool is done.

Verification of ownership

After doing submission, ownership verification should be done by clicking the verification option. There are three methods for verification. They are XML file verification, meta tag verification and adding C NAME  records. I prefer meta tag verification because its the easiest one.

Bing webmaster tool dashboard

After verification dashboard is visible. In dashboard certain details are being displayed like site activity,search keyword etc. Rest of the details are being displayed after configuring the sitemap.

Configure my site

Next option is to configure the site. While configuring we can add sitemap and add URLs or block URLs. By configuring the site, bing can get the structure of the website as well as indexing can be done very easily.

Diagnostics and tools


In diagnostics and tools we can see certain seo webmaster tools. Keyword research can be done i.e it allows you to understand what volume of searches happen for the phrase you entered. By entering the URL you can see how your site appears for the bing search engine. A markup validator is being provided for validating the site if it uses micro format and data. Seo analyzer for getting seo suggestions and bingbot verifier are also provided. If you are moving your site to another site this can be depicted in site move option.

A description of on page optimization techniques has been provided in my last post, On Page Optimization Techniques. Please feel free to share your valuable thoughts in both.

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